the duck will cluck
the chick will quack
Noah will wear a plastic mac
Noah will build a plastic ark
the dogs will mew and the cats will bark
but sailing through the pouring dark
hope will keep us dry

hope will sigh but hope will cope
hope will hang from a silver rope
hope will hide the stethoscope
and hope will never die

we'll fight our war, besiege the town
and as the rains come thundering down
hope will shine in her golden gown
and hope will never cry
for when we slaughter, slay and smile
hope will lead us up the aisle
and kiss us, by and by

hope will embrace the paradox
hope will scuttle out of the box
hope will mend the broken clocks
and haul the banners high

hope will gaze at the almanac
winch us forward, pull us back
laugh at the storm, take in the slack
and show us how to fly
hope, the darling, charming fool
will steer our ship through the slime soaked pool
and hope will shine from the sky

and hope will keep us dry
and hope will make us fly
and hope will never cry
and hope must never die

© Ann Wooby 2017

Ann Wooby