Our writers

Declan Donohoe

This page is dedicated to the memory of

William Declan Donohoe

30th November 1946 – 24th May 2021

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Joanna Huckvale

I have always enjoyed writing and concocting stories and poems and I would like to thank my mother for singing to me when I was young and showing me that it was natural to write things down. Telling impromptu stories to my kids when they were young was also fun.

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Richard Vaughan-Davies

I retired to the Cotswolds ten years ago after selling the retail business in North Wales which I had built up over forty long years. Fortunately for my sanity most of my time was spent creating advertising copy and promotions, which dramatically increased the business and taught me the power of words. Being a member of the Chippy Writers’ Group encouraged me to attempt a lifelong ambition to write a novel. Recently published, In the Shadow of Hitler is a romance set in the ruins of bombed-out Hamburg in 1946.

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Ruth Goldstraw

I have written all my life and have self published four novels using the pen name Paula Riley and had two westerns published by Black Horse Westerns using the pen name Aaron Adams. I attend the afternoon session of the creative writing course and love spending time with and being stimulated by other writers.

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