Up Toes All

At the Ceilidh, skipping gaily,
Shedding stick and shawl,
Young folk prancing, old folk dancing..
Up toes all!

Reeling, wheeling, laughing, squealing..
Dancers big and small
Whirling, swirling, curling, skirling,
Whooping down the hall.

"Ha-ha-ha-ing", "fa-la-la-ing"
Echoes wall to wall..
Right hand starring, left hand starring..
Up arms all!

Swinging..singing..rafters ringing..
Stepping..standing tall..
Haste and scurry, waste and worry
Gone beyond recall.

Do-si-do-ing, floating, flowing..
Have ourselves a Ball!
Swaying, sweeping,larking,leaping..
Up legs all!

Norfolk Long Dance...Drops of Brandy..
Corn Rigs.. Horse's Brawl..
You'll discover Ceilidh lovers
Never creep or crawl.

So join with us, the merry dancers,
Praise the Caller's call..
Praise our Singers and Musicians..
Up hands all!

© Ann Wooby 2019

With thanks to Kenneth Grahame for "Up Tails All"

Ann Wooby