Shortly before five

Shortly before 5.00am the water reached the end of the garden.

Shortly before five
(that’s five in the morning),
they slept, still alive,
when daylight was dawning.
They had not an inkling
that, thanks to God’s tinkling,
by daylight they’d be
quite despatched without warning!

The water it rose,
dark brown waves came a-swirling,
till it reached the toes
of the elaborate curling
gateway of stone
that bordered their home
and seeped through the door
set the fittings a-whirling.

There would be no end
to the torrent of water
that pressed up the bend
of the stairs to the daughter’s
bedroom and thence
to her parents it went:
so silent it took them
like lambs to the slaughter!

The neighbours, they cried,
when they saw in the garden
three bodies outside
floating pale, start to harden,
‘Why didn’t they wake?
Such a tragic mistake!
To sleep through the flood
Bless their souls, give them pardon!’
So heed ye this tale,
(should you get in deep water),
let good sense prevail!
Keep your wits like you ought’ter:
don’t dally in bed
or you might end up dead,
party on through the night!
Raise the roof with cavorters!

© Eve Carpenter 2014

Eve Carpenter